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Dido in Winter

Dido in Winter Anne Shaw

Driven by a resolute sense of exploration, the exquisite poems in Anne Shaw's new collection excavate both physical and emotional landscapes, together constituting a mapping of the senses in which rapture and disillusionment shadow each other, reflecting a world "where sun swirls on the rock-face by the spring/moving its blue and yellow hands/then vanishing."

Dido in Winter is a book searching for truth beyond beauty by a poet who shines increasingly bright.

Praise for the Book:

"Anne Shaw is very badly behaved. Her poems will send you running for cover, blushing the whole way. She writes as if there is no decorum to language at all; her poems will leave you feeling worried and wild, lucidly drunk, gussied up and patted down. This book is a deliriously confusing part of town where you don’t know the bus routes and there are no cabs to be had. Don’t say I didn’t warn you."—Kazim Ali

"There are no safe words in Anne Shaw's poetry. As 'tree sun' fuses into 'treason,' mo(u)rning is infiltrated by the night's trangressions, and the lyric body shudders in cadences of cold ardor. 'Speech is just an instrument to register / the night,' the poet tells us, and proceeds to unravel the sins, both physical and metaphysical, sewn into signs. In Dido in Winter, Shaw finds a taut, hard joy in her engagements with language. Her poems embody despair and defiance in equal measure." —Andrew Joron

About the Author:

Anne Shaw is the author of Undertow, which won the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry. Her poems have appeared widely in such journals such as Barrow Street, Denver Quarterly, Harvard Review, and Prairie Schooner. Recipient of an MFA in poetry from George Mason University, she is currently pursuing an MFA in sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Original trade paperback/ $15.95 (Can. $17.00)/ ISBN 978-0-89255-429-8 /96 pages/ Poetry

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