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Outside Rules: Short Stories About Nonconformist Youth

Outside Rules: Short Stories About Nonconformist Youth Claire Robson (Editor)

These compellingly readable stories focus on the vulnerability and resilience of teens  who are too brainy, unathletic, poor, the "wrong" religion, emotionally fragile, from non-traditional families, not model-thin, or simply bent on following a unique path. Shala is ridiculed when she wears the traditional Moslem headscarf that marks her passage to womanhood. Timothy is a computer geek who can't find a girlfriend. Gigi lives in an RV with her mother—on the run from her father. Brutally honest, with surprising resolutions, these sympathetic stories reveal the outsider within each of us and console us with the knowledge that we are not alone.

Among the contributors are Sandra Cisneros, Rand Richards Cooper, Chris Fisher, K. Kvashay-Boyle, Wally Lamb, Reginald McKnight, Sandell Morse, Katharine Noel,  Rebecca Rule, Annette Sanford, Akhil Sharma, and seventeen-year-old Caitlin Lonning.

Praise for the Book:
"This thought-provoking collection of short stories evokes the many expressions of the outsider. Neither edgy nor extreme, each story can provide material for discussion about alienation, fitting in, and compassion for the self and for others who are or are perceived as different." — VOYA

About the Editor:
Claire Robson has taught writing workshops for preteens, high school students, teachers, and writers in Boston and in Vancouver. She is the author of many short stories and poems, and a memoir, Love in Good Time.  She lives in Vancouver.

Paperback / $9.95 / ISBN 978-089255-316-7 / 192 pages / Young Adult Fiction Anthology

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