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Orexia Lisa Russ Spaar

Thrumming with the triune hungers of mind, body, and spirit, Lisa Russ Spaar’s fifth collection plumbs the conditions of late-middle age, weaving together (as only Spaar can) the sacred and the erogenous, the ethereal and the earthy, the mortal and the fertile. “Tomb, womb, / let’s not forget what we are,” she writes, and never does, continuing: “Bitten moon. Perfect. What’s to come.” As ever, Spaar’s poetry is both transcript and epicenter of longing. Seductive and symphonic, Orexia is the latest glory by a poet of exquisite powers.

Praise for the book:

"Award-winning poet Spaar follows up her darkly sparkling Vanitas, Rough with another example of her intent, luscious writing. . . . Spaar layers tight, gorgeous, concrete language creates urgency while proposing a bright love of this world"—Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal (starred review)

"Spaar arranges them so that they possess surprising echoes, shimmer with texture, and exude intriguing subtexts. . . . Spaar searches for that which eats at us and makes us yearn."—Publishers Weekly

About the author:

Lisa Russ Spaar is the author of five books of poetry and a collection of essays, and the editor of three poetry anthologies. For her commentary and columns on poetry, which appear regularly in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, she was a 2014 Finalist for the National Book Circle Critics Award for Excellence in Reviewing. Other honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rona Jaffe Award, the Carole Weinstein Prize in Poetry, and the Library of Virginia Award for Poetry. She is Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Virginia.

Hardcover / $25.95 (Can. $33.95) / ISBN 978-0-89255-477-5 / 96 pages / Poetry

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