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Poems of Laura Riding

Poems of Laura Riding Laura (Riding) Jackson, Mark Jacobs (Editor)

Always ahead of her time, no other major poet of the last century enters the twenty-first so fresh, so essentially unexplored as does Laura Riding. Her formidable credentials as a modernist need no longer distract attention from the class-of-her-own this writer occupies. Beginning in spiritual respect for Shelley, Whitman, and Francis Thompson, Riding's resolve to work toward nothing less than "the essence of the good in language" carries her across an entire poetic world within this volume--as it afterwards carried her out of poetry altogether. This centennial volume presents the entire content of the 1980 edition, together with the author's retrospective Introduction and Appendices, corrected and reset. The poem-text reproduces, with the few errata corrected, the typography and design of the celebrated first edition of 1938, as supervised by the author herself.

About the Author:
Laura (Riding) Jackson was born on January 16, 1901, in New York City. She is the author of numerous volumes of poetry, criticism, and story. In 1991, she was awarded the prestigious Bollingen Prize for her lifelong services to poetry. She died later the same year.

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Paperback/$19.95 (Can. $22.00)/ISBN 978-0-89255-258-0/528 pages/Poetry

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