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Delivered Sarah Gambito

Winner of the 2005 Global Filipino Literary Award for Poetry.

Both surrealistic and urgently on-point, these boisterous poems comprise an identity crisis in the age of New Media. Sarah Gambito writes with verve on the complicated collision of ethnicity, sex, immigration, and nationality, her playfulness and pop-culture savvy offering cover for her surprise attacks of direct, even confrontational engagement: "Am I frightening you?" she asks. "I'm frightening you. // Good and good and good and good."

Praise for the Book:
"Gambito evokes a carnival of multiethnic references, intuitive leaps and fiery existential queries. . .She might be likened to such other cosmopolitan poets as Matthea Harvey or Mark Bibbins: Gambito also excels in one-line stanzas, in long knockout titles ('A Borderless Ethos Would Please Everyone') and in dreamy one-paragraph prose poems. Yet if such forms make her seem solitary or disconnected, her topics make her memories, and her loyalties, multiply clear: 'You were born here. I was born there.'"—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The poems in this second collection are as much about language as they are about Gambito's Filipina heritage. . . They are surrealistic, fierce, and playful."—Library Journal

“In Delivered, Sarah Gambito continues her strong-willed, sidesplitting strike against the notion that a poet need pillow-smother the complexities of identity. These poems, like ‘cellophane bags of jewelry’, are both beautiful and indecorous; more importantly, they are memorable. I marvel at and applaud this feisty and increasingly important writer.”—Major Jackson

About the Author:
Sarah Gambito is the author of a previous collection, Matadora. She is founder and director of Kundiman, a not-for-profit organization devoted to the promotion of Asian American poetry, for which she was recently awarded a Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers award. Assistant Professor and Director of Creative Writing at Fordham University, Gambito lives in New York City.

Original trade paperback/$14.00 (Can. $15.50)/ISBN 978-0-89255-346-4/80 pages/Poetry

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