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Old Glory: American War Poems from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism

Old Glory: American War Poems from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism Robert Hedin (Editor)

With a Foreword by Walter Cronkite

This unique, comprehensive anthology gathers together more than two hundred poems about the American experience of war--narratives, meditations, elegies, lamentations, odes, tributes, and battle hymns--many of them classics. Written by soldier-poets as well as poets on the home front, they are deeply personal, reflecting love of country, sacrifice, tragedy, glory, and sometimes disillusionment or dissent.

Arranged chronologically, virtually every conflict is included: The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, September 11, and the present war in Iraq. Among the 140 poets included are Longfellow, Wheatley, Dunbar, Bryant, Emerson, Thoreau, Crane, Dickinson, Melville, Whitman, Whittier, Masters, Bogan, Lindsay, Cummings, Eliot, Frost, Lowell, Pound, Sandburg, Bishop, Hughes, Levertov, Stevens, Williams, Bly, Creeley, Ginsberg, Harper, Paley, Rich, Warren, Komunyakaa, Weigl, and Collins.

A major historical, cultural, and literary volume, Old Glory speaks from the depth of time as well as from the immediacy of our own moment.

Praise for the Book:
"A moving and proud book...truly one of the best anthologies I have come across in many years."—Ray Gonzalez, Bloomsbury Review

"With this anthology, Hedin takes on a might task, collecting almost 200 war poems from American history...[taking] care to remind us that there are never two sides to a story, but dozens. No other collection is as thorough as this; highly recommended"—Louise McKee, Library Journal

"It is hard to imagine a more appropriate, compelling anthology...Teachers and students should find many works for reflection and discussion"—Anthony Pucci, Kliatt

About the Author:
Robert Hedin is an award-winning poet, translator and editor of seventeen volumes of poetry and prose including The Old World Liberators: New and Selected Poems and Translations, The Roads Have Come to an End Now: Selected and Last Poems of Rolf Jacobsen and The Bullfinch Rising From the Cherry Tree: Poems of Olav H. Hauge. He is also the founding and executive director of the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Paperback/$22.50 (Can. $24.50)/978-0-89255-310-5/324 Pages/Poetry Anthology

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