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Mistaken for Song

Mistaken for Song Tara Bray

 Winner of 2008 Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize

The impetus of this harrowing debut lies in tragedy: "My father shook the gun to get the bullet out. / He was a careless man, but only once." Yet even amidst a constant ache, the poems in "Mistaken for Song" do not refuse solace. Instead, they find consolation, communion, and even joy in the untamed natural world, rendered at every turn by Tara Bray''s pitch-perfect ear for heartbreaking music.

Praise for the book:
“Tara Bray's Mistaken for Song is compelling and intense reading, a book deeply grounded in both our human and nonhuman stories. Although there is grief at the core of many of these poems, their emotional accuracy, contemplative wisdom, and powers of observation offer a hard-won solace, and they take us on a journey so rich and necessary we experience a kind of joy. When Bray's speaker addresses a belted kingfisher, it could be an address to Bray herself: ‘Woman of whispers and omens. / Empress of impermanence. We are here. / Now. Full-up and singing.’”—Beth Ann Fennelly"

“I’m astonished, and thrilled, by the ferocity of Tara Bray’s poems, their untamed wants and hungers. Again and again in this ravishing first book, the poet longs for connection with the world, particularly the natural world. Her every perception desires communion, and each is one part keen observation, one part visionary experience. Though ‘the day is darkly cold,’ she finds, in the end, how to live.”—Davis McCombs

About the Author:
Tara Bray has published poems in Shenandoah, The Southern Review, Third Coast, and elsewhere. She is a recipient of a State of Nevada Individual Artist Fellowship and a Sierra Arts Foundation Literary Artist Grant. She currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  Paperback/ $14.00 (Can. $15.50)/ ISBN 978-0-89255-347-1/ 80 pages/ Poetry

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