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The Vera Wright Trilogy: My Father's Moon / Cabin Fever / The Georges' Wife

The Vera Wright Trilogy: My Father's Moon / Cabin Fever / The Georges' Wife Elizabeth Jolley

 This moving masterpiece by one of Australia’s leading novelists—now in its entirety—inaugurates Persea’s series of Elizabeth Jolley revivals.

Set in 1940s wartime England, the trilogy follows young Vera, who leaves her cultivated Midlands home to become a nurse in a military hospital and is catapulted into adulthood through unorthodox love entanglements with both men and women, two illegitimate children, and finally emigration to Australia, where, from her new vantage point—now a doctor and writer—she looks back on her life’s journey. Combining the beauty of Virginia Woolf with the spare, heartbreaking insightfulness of Jean Rhys, the trilogy is both a literary tour de force and an accessible, universal portrait of a woman in search of sustaining love.

Praise for the Book:
"It is not often that I discover a writer who creates a character who I wish could be a real life friend.  Jolley's unforgettable character, Vera Wright is . . . an utterly beguiling woman.  She both defines and defies long-held notions of what it means to be female . . . . Jolley [is] as honest and intelligent as Virginia Woolf . . . witty, sharp, and engaging as Edith Templeton, and as aware of the traps and promise of being female as Kate Chopin....[The Vera Wright Trilogy] is a must read. . . .a beautiful, rich, and layered masterpiece."  --Nina  Sankovitch,

"A haunting portrait of a woman who came of age during WWII in England, forging her identity in courageous circumstances. . . [A] lyrically written, imaginatively observed and emotionally compelling work."Publishers Weekly

About the Author:
Elizabeth Jolley is one of Australia’s most celebrated writers, with a formidable international reputation, and during the 1980s and 1990s was widely acclaimed with a wide readership in the U. S. Born in England in 1923, she was brought up in a strict, German-speaking household and attended a Quaker boarding school. She became a nurse, married, and with three children moved to Western Australia in 1959. Although she wrote all her life, it was not until she was in her fifties that her books started to receive the recognition they deserved. Her work won every major award in Australia, and was several times selected as a New York Times Notable Book. Excerpts from her novels (including Cabin Fever, book two in the Trilogy) were published in The New Yorker. Elizabeth Jolley died in 2007.

Original trade paperback/$19.95 (Can. $20.00)/ISBN-978-0-89255-352-5/560 pages/Fiction


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