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Submission Guidelines

Fiction & Nonfiction Submissions

We are pleased to receive query letters by USPS or via email from authors and literary agents. We publish literary novels and short story collections, creative nonfiction, memoir, essays, biography, literary criticism, books on contemporary issues (multicultural, feminist, LGBT), and literary and multicultural antholgies that are assigned in secondary and university classrooms. 

Our list also includes a small number of Young Adult titles (0-2 per year)--again aimed at the literary reader and the educational market.

Most of all, we are looking for the fresh voice, a clear point of view, the well-written work that will endure. We are pleased to publish debut books and to continue publishing the authors we take on.

We do not publish genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers), self-help, textbooks, or children's books.

How to Submit

Queries should include a cover letter, author background and publication history, a synopsis of the proposed work, and a sample chapter. Please indicate if the work is simultaneously submitted.

Send to:  Submissions, Persea Books, 277 Broadway, New York, NY 10007.

Queries via USPS, if a letter-size SASE is enclosed, will be answered within 5 months.

Submissions containing cover letter, author background and publication history, synopsis and sample chapter may also be sent via email.

Send to:

As of March 1, 2016, due to high volume, we no longer respond to email queries unless we are interested. This applies retroactively to all submissions made earlier via email.


Poetry Submissions

We have a longstanding commitment to publishing extraordinary contemporary poetry and maintain an active poetry program. At this time, due to our committment to the poets we already publish, we are limited in our ability to add new collections. If you would like to query our poetry department, click here to send an email describing your current project and your publication history, and attaching a pdf or Word document with up to twelve sample pages of your poetry. If the timing is right and we are interested in seeing more work, we will contact you. 

For those who qualify, entry in our annual contests, the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry and the Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor's Choice Award, is an alternative means of submitting your poetry to Persea.

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